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January 28
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ShH - Arashi by zetto-SE ShH - Arashi by zetto-SE
trying :iconseishun-high:


Name: Koumi Arashi

~will be added after getting it~

Age: 15

Date of Birth: 
March 4


Level: 0


156 cm

40 kg

Astral Projection

Baseball Bat

Boarding at school

Sexual Preference: 
Never thought about it

Amount of Royal Points: 

:bulletred: Bold, to the point of rude
:bulletred: Stone-headed and can be merciless (especially when it's about winning a baseball match)
:bulletred: Easily distracted unless she already holds a bat
:bulletred: Has no sense of fashion
:bulletred: Sleepy-head
:bulletred: Insensitive (doesn't mean to be rude, but not realizing when being rude)

Arashi loves baseball, because her father was a baseball star during his school years and often tell about his stories. Since young, Arashi was raised with baseball bat, glove, and ball.
In elementary school, she always picked to play baseball with the boys rather than hang out with the girls. And in middle school, she forced joining the male baseball club because there's none for females. She often got teased by the boys because she usually was the only girl around, and usually she would beat the crap out of the boys.
One day, when Arashi and her teammates playing on an empty field near their school, a gang of high school boys came and shooed them away. Of course Arashi stood up and a quarrel broke among middle schoolers and the high schoolers. The quarrel ended in a match between the two schools.
Of course the high schoolers didn't play fair. They tried to hurt Arashi's team. There's this one pitch that was thrown so hard, it changed Arashi's life. The last thing Arashi remembered was a searing pain on her face, and everything went black.
When Arashi opened her eyes, she found herself standing alone on the empty field at night time. She wondered what happened, how the game was, and why everyone left her out alone until night. She ran back to her house, expecting her parents to be so angry. But instead, she found herself sleeping in her bedroom, with her mother sobbing beside her and her father explained to doctor how she passed out 2 days ago while playing baseball, and never woke up since. She tried to figure out what happened and realized her soul was out of her body, she ever heard of stories like that.
She tried to get back to her body but she couldn't and didn't know how to. Until 1 week later her parents got suggestions from her relatives to call a psychic that knew how to deal with that kind of thing. And finally, with the psychic's help, Arashi is back to her body.
But that's not the end of it. After that, sometimes when she slept, her soul would wander off from her body again and she didn't know how to come back. And because of that problem, her parents asked the psychic for a solution, and the best he could suggest was teaching Arashi how to control it.
With lots of practice, Arashi managed to make astral projection, but somehow it scared her parents that she might not able to come back one day. When Arashi was about to enroll to high school, her parents heard of a story about a school for "special" kids. So they sent Arashi there, hoping Arashi would find an answer on how to stop doing it.

:bulletred: Baseball
:bulletred: Sleeping
:bulletred: Ice cream (especially cookies'n'cream flavor)
:bulletred: Baseball
:bulletred: Bunny
:bulletred: Baseball
:bulletred: Watching storm

:bulletred: Crybaby and people who can't do anything themselves
:bulletred: Shojo manga with weak heroine that only cries and waits to be saved
:bulletred: Slackers (especially in her team)
:bulletred: When being mocked if she's really a girl

:bulletred: Can easily sleep anywhere, anytime
:bulletred: Dreams to play in koushien
:bulletred: Not a glutton, but she'll eat any food offered to her
:bulletred: B student (only really study the night before the test)
:bulletred: Always wakes up early
:bulletred: The bandages on her cheek are real (not only accesorry)

Relationships: ~will be added after getting it~

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